These links contain free downloads of my books as well as those of other authors I consider most vital for their relevance in our understanding the vaisnava philosophy and its application, especially in consideration of the vaisnava qualities they stress.

In this regard, I have chosen to include my review of a book that I consider most vital for devotees who have been in ISKCON for some time, regarding the topic of spiritual identity transformation, or raganuga bhakti. The book is by Uttamasloka prabhu, and it dispels many MISKCONceptions regarding this very important topic. All who are serious about reaching full Krsna consciousness will find it a very valuable contribution to their understanding. I hope this review will interest them to read it, and be benefited. The link to that book is included in the review.

I have also Included the books of Kundali prabhu, whose books and fearless personal example have inspired many, who may be otherwise discouraged by the problems in our movement, to take the necessary steps to put our "Bhakti Bhavan" house in order. Be part of the solution, not the problem!

I have also included some articles I have written which address various important topics, often reflecting the luminosity of these thinkers, often falling short.. 

I hope you like my books'n'stuff!- Niscala.

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