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Common and current mISKCONceptions on topics such as Varnashrama, the issue of gay marriage and acceptance, and Raganuga bhakti
A compassionate Krsna conscious viewpoint, with full reference to guru, sadhu and sastra.
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Page 1: Two Saris, Two Dhotis, The Case for Gay Marriage and Acceptance in ISKCON.A compassionate vaisnava argument for the above, based on the three pramanas: guru, sadhu and sastra.

These concise arguments provide the reasons and the standard proofs to support the most open-minded and open-hearted perspective, and convince others.

Page 2: VarnashramaThe Eight-Petalled Lotus,   Volume 1 and Volume 2 This two-volume series is based on an analysis of Srila Prabhupada's original reasons for introducing varnasrama in ISKCON, demonstrating its practical and spiritual benefits, long-term. A eye-opening perspective.

Page 3
BOOK REVIEW: "The Realization and Manifestation of Your Eternal Identity"by Uttamasloka  prabhu.

(A book of incomparable value and merit, I wrote my review on it, while less than half way through it. This review contains a link to a free download of this thoroughly researched and inspirational devotional touchstone. I hope it will inspire the reader to dive in, and be benefited as I was and still am. It is a great remover of various mISKCONceptions in regard to raganuga bhakti) "Sri Krsna, Who dwells within and is the source of intelligence, inspiration, memory and ability, certainly bestowed an inundation of the same, when Uttamasloka, the author of this book, first set finger to keyboard. The test of valuable vaisnava literature is that it is essential truth, spoken for the benefit of all. The reader will find conclusive proofs presented on every page and argued exhaustively from every possible angle of vision, anticipating all arguments to the contrary..."

Page 6    Radha Krsna Krpa Kataksa

One who arises in the morning and recites these authoritative prayers attains the mercy of Sri Krsna and he becomes a beautiful kishori gopi amongst the damsels of Vrajabhumi. He will become absorbed in the sweetness of Radha-Syama's charming confidential nikunja pastimes, which is cherished by Laksmidevi. And very soon he will attain saksad-darshan of Nandanandana and remain permanently situated in gop bhava.

Page 4: Articles
This page contains some of the articles I have written, which have relevance for devotees today. It will be added to on a regular basis: 1. Krsna's Causeless Loving Embrace



Kundali Dasa is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada who spearheaded the ISKCON reform movement in the 80's, which brought about the end of the fallacious zonal acarya concept and practice

 A broad-minded and compassionate thinker on personal and institutional reform, his books offer the reader a profound understanding of the philosophy, through sharp analysis of the three Vedic pramanas- guru, sadhu and sastra. Through his training in sastra-caksusa, the reader learns to identify quickly all the various mISKCONceptions he may be faced with, on a daily basis, both online and in our temples. 

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