Govinda Bhasya 

By Baladeva Vidyabhusana

Lord Chaitanya advises suddha bhaktas, those who only want devotional service to Lord Hari, not to hear from advaitavadis or mayavadis, nor to associate with them or read their commentaries as their descriptions of bhakti and their relationship with Krsna is contaminated with ulterior motives to merge into the brahmajyoti which is described by all the vaisnava acaryas as a hellish destination. So their mentality is to be avoided at all costs. However, if one wants to do battle on the grounds of sastra and nyaya, logic and reason, Baladeva Vodyabhusana's commentary on the Vedanta Sutras is a powerful tool. It will take some time to absorb the arguments, but one should be fully equipped to do battle, or just live peacefully with one's bhajana. 

Free download here for the benefit of all:

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